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2014 Schedules

LINE 1 Washington Mon-Fri View PDF
LINE 1 Washington Sat-Sun-Hol View PDF 
LINE 2 Inglewood/Venice High School Mon-Fri View PDF
LINE 3 Century City Mon-Fri View PDF 
LINE 3 Century City    Sat-Sun-Hol View PDF
LINE 4 Jefferson  Mon-Fri View PDF 
LINE 5 Braddock Mon-Fri View PDF 
LINE 6  Sepulveda
Mon-Fri View PDF
LINE 6  Sepulveda Sat-Sun-Hol View PDF
LINE 6 rapid Sepulveda
Mon-Fri View PDF
LINE 7 Culver   Mon-Fri View PDF 

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The information is to the best of our knowledge correct. The prices are subject to change and due to construction or some unforeseen incident our bus schedule may be affected.