Inglewood Oil Field

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Inglewood oil fieldWelcome to Culver City’s Inglewood Oil Field web page.

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On this page the City will post the latest information, schedules, meetings, public notices, documents, related links and other information concerning the Inglewood Oil Field. 

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What's New

May 9, 2017 – Oil Drilling Subcommittee Meeting with Sentinel Peak Resources to Discuss Potential Working Agreement

As authorized and directed by the City Council at its April 17, 2017 community meeting, the Oil Drilling Subcommittee (Council Members Clarke and Sahli-Wells), in conjunction with City staff, conducted its first meeting with representatives of Sentinel Peak Resources (SPR), on May 9, 2017, to discuss a potential working agreement between the City and SPR, which is intended to identify mutually agreeable guiding principles for how the City and SPR could work together in proceeding with the Inglewood Oil Field (IOF) Specific Plan Project, in the event the City Council authorizes SPR to participate as a Project applicant (or quasi-applicant).

A primary objective of the first meeting was to create a framework for a potential working agreement and guiding principles, including considerations related to schedule, identification of milestones, format of an agreement, content and terms of the agreement, potential future discussion topics (if authorized by the City Council) and other housekeeping and coordination items.

An additional key objective was to discuss provisional “good-faith” terms for incorporation into a potential working agreement, including how those provisions could be implemented throughout a collaborative application process, if authorized by the City Council at a future public meeting. Good-faith items discussed included reimbursement of past, present and future costs the City already has or will incur related to the IOF Specific Plan and related Draft EIR; a commitment from SPR as to what City IOF activities might be curtailed while a written agreement is in place; and potential community-based benefits for future City discussion.

As both a good-faith provision and a reflection of the City’s commitment to retain public transparency throughout the working agreement process, the City and SPR also explored options for sharing of information and opportunities for incorporating both the community and landowner participation into a potential revised application process. In this regard, the City and SPR also decided it is important to publish a summary of each meeting between the Subcommittee and SPR, in order to keep the community and other interested parties informed about these discussions and apprised of the progress of this process.

A follow-up meeting is scheduled in early June for the City and SPR to continue discussion of a potential working agreement that could be presented to the City Council at a community meeting, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, July 11, 2017.

A copy of the May 9th meeting agenda and list of attendees can be accessed here.

April 17, 2017 – City Council Community Meeting to Discuss Next Steps in Inglewood Oil Field Specific Plan Project

On April 17, 2017, the City Council held a community meeting to discuss and consider a temporary hold on the Inglewood Oil Field (IOF) Specific Plan Project and related Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in order to consider a request from the new IOF operator, Sentinel Peak Resources (SPR), to participate in the Specific Plan process as a project applicant. Such discussion included an evaluation of options related to the processing of the Draft IOF Specific Plan and related Draft EIR.

After hearing from the public and SPR, and thoroughly discussing the matter, the City Council authorized the Oil Drilling Subcommittee (Clarke and Sahli-Wells), in conjunction with City staff and consultants, to enter into discussions with SPR over the next 90 days for the purpose of drafting a proposed working agreement between the City and SPR, which should contain certain mutually agreeable guiding principles, action items and other discussion points, including but not limited to:

  • Reimbursement of City’s costs including, but not limited to, costs to date relating to the preparation of the Draft Specific Plan and EIR, or assistance with funding of other City projects with a connection to the oil field; 
  • A voluntary commitment that SPR will not submit any applications for any new wells during these discussions, and/or at any time a written agreement is in place; 
  • Agreement that either party may withdraw from the discussions at any time; and
  • SPR’s agreement that if the oil field is sold during the term of any written agreement, such purchase agreement would clearly state that the new owner is subject to the terms and conditions of the existing agreement between the City and SPR.

The City Council further directed:

  • Prior to the end of the initial 90-day discussion period, the Subcommittee and staff are to return to the full City Council at a community meeting to report on the progress of discussions and make recommendations for a proposed short-term Working Agreement, setting forth such guiding principles, action items and discussion points, for the City Council’s consideration. At such time, the City Council may also consider a process for further time extensions of any approved Working Agreement.
  • If at any time there is an inability to arrive at mutually agreeable guiding principles or action items or a failure of SPR to comply with the terms of any approved Working Agreement, the Oil Drilling Subcommittee is to bring the matter forward to the full City Council to consider whether a further extension of such Working Agreement is warranted or whether to instead withdraw from discussions and proceed with the City’s current Specific Plan process, including the release of the Draft EIR.
  • These discussions with SPR shall proceed on a dual track with the existing IOF Specific Plan process, in order to ensure that the Draft Specific Plan and related Draft EIR will be ready for release in the event either party withdraws from discussions.