Tree Maintenance & Trimming


To report a fallen tree or tree branch, during business hours call 310-253-6420, or for after hours assistance, call the Culver City Police Department 310-253-6202.

The City Council adopted the Urban Forest Master Plan in 2016.

The Tree Maintenance Division maintains tree wells, plants new and removes decaying/diseased trees, removes tree hazards such as fallen branches, trims branches that have overgrown street signs and traffic signals, removes storm debris, and conducts weed abatement and pest control services for City facilities.

Each City tree is trimmed approximately once every three to four years. To obtain your specific neighborhoods tree-trimming schedule, contact the Tree Maintenance Division at (310) 253-6420.

Property owners are not allowed to trim or remove City-owned trees located in parkways.  All City-owned trees are maintained by the Public Works Department and its private contractor.  Property owners can contact the Public Works Department to request an assessment of City-owned trees by the City's Urban Forester.  To formally request the removal of a tree, an application can be obtained and filed (with the applicable filing fee) from the Engineering public counter at City Hall.  Please note that submittal of the application does not guarantee removal of the tree; certain criteria which are outlined on the application must be met.

The City is not responsible for maintaining trees located on private property. Trees located on private property whose branches interfere with electrical transmission lines or whose roots interfere with water metering devices may be altered by Southern California Edison or the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power or the Golden State Water Company to remove that portion of the tree that is creating the obstacle.

Mulching or planting within the drip line of any shallow rooted tree should be done with care. Suffocation may result if roots are unnaturally buried. Mulching should be done lightly and kept from coming in contact with the bark. Any ground cover planted around tree roots should be drought tolerant. Trees growing within a lawn area will be forced to grow shallow roots because of the way they are watered.

A permit is required for planting in the parkway. It is the adjacent property owner, not the City, who is required to maintain all plantings and other items in the parkway.  The property owner is also responsible for ensuring that the parkway is kept in a clean and neat condition and free from objectionable matter and from encroachments or obstacles which may pose a hazard to persons or property.

The City waters newly planted trees for the first year of their life. Afterwards, property owners are expected to water City trees. In the summer months, a single 30-gallon watering per week is recommended to seep below the surface level to reach the deeper roots. In the winter months, a single 15-gallon watering per week will be sufficient.

Exercise caution when using string trimmers near root and bark areas to avoid nicking them. Repeated wounding of the bark and roots by string trimmers may severely damage the trees health.

For information regarding industry standards used by professional Arborists for tree care and related information, see and